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If you are looking for an excellent cheap website design this is your opportunity! Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Remember that at Colectivo web you will find the best quality in web design, since your website is the first thing your customers see about you. Take advantage of the promotion of the month!

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We have 3 types of packages and prices for your web design

We know that not all businesses are the same, that’s why we have 3 different web design packages which can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs; all of them are scalable to where your organization requires it.

1. Entrepreneur web design:

If your business is small and you are looking for a website to start, this package is perfect for you.

But do not worry, at Colectivo Web all our pages are scalable, that is, when your business grows, your page will grow with you.

You can move to a company package based on your entrepreneur page and save a LOT of money.

2. Companies web design

The ideal web design for most companies is a robust page that has everything you need to show the services and products that your company has. With a website like this, you give a formal image to your customers, in addition to generating more confidence when doing business with other companies. You will have a functional website with the latest technology in programming and design!

$960 USD

3. Online store
E-commerce web design:

Are you looking to sell your products online?

This is the web design for you, virtual stores are the best way to display and sell your products from the comfort of a computer or mobile phone. We optimize your website so you can receive payments from any payment gateway you choose, all of this from a totally safe way for you and your clients.

$1260 USD

Why are our websites special?

We are committed to giving our clients the best of us, which is why our Websites include the latest in technology and computer security, since with our promise of the highest quality we want to make you a seller of our products.


Our Colectivo Web visual builder

Thanks to the Colectivo Web visual builder you will be able to edit your web page in a very simple and intuitive way. You will be able to change names, telephone numbers, addresses, whatever you want; also, all your projects will be scalable and you can do it with your own hands (if you want). By having our visual builder, continuing to create new pages on your website is a matter of seconds, you just have to drag and drop already pre-designed blocks along a blank page, which is very simple and fast; so, you can take the design of your web page to another level and create as many pages on your website as you want.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate helps to generate trust in each one of the visitors of your website; it is a way to tell your clients that your website is legit, real and trustworthy so they can enter personal data. It is represented on the left side of the domain with a padlock and the phrase IT IS SAFE. The acronym SSL responds to Secure Socket Layer.

Optimized loading speed

Nowadays the speed with which a web portals load is crucial for visitor retention, 70% of the traffic that goes to a website is lost after 3 seconds of loading, that is why it is vital to optimize as much as possible the web portal. At Colectivo web we promise that your web page will have a speed of less than 3 seconds and a rating above 80/100 in the most recognized speed tests, you can do your tests at Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thus called the optimization of web portals that want to appear in the first search results within the main search engines in the world such as GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO, being the best way to obtain qualified traffic for a Web page. In addition, to generate a sense of brand and trust to customers, at Colectivo Web we are experts in SEO for web pages, whether local or global.

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